Intralogistics as a Service​ From £850 per month

Assured ROI in 3 months


Our Intralogistics-as-a-Service model knocks down the biggest barrier to entry for automation–massive infrastructure investment–by offering automation as a subscription-based service.

Instead of cost-prohibitive CapEx, we provide autonomous robots, powerful software, and dedicated engineering expertise as a cost-effective, quickly-deployed service that integrates seamlessly into your current factory.

We bring our Robots, Software Platform, Engineers and Logistics experts to Transform your Intralogistics so that you can save 60% on your existing operational cost. We just do not say 60% savings, We Guarantee that! In fact, we go step further, we only charge 40% of your existing intralogistics operational cost and run this for you as a service. ​


We developed autonomous mobile robots from scratch so that we can redefine how the material is moved inside the factory. Our robot's DNA has been programmed to work with humans. Our robots use AI from the bottom-up and understand natural gestures and have vision using cameras and sensors. They can work completely autonomously and can carry up to 500kg payload.

Our robots are designed to accommodate your unique material flow needs to ensure you can leverage technology without any disruption.

Our unique proposition is not to sell robots but to sell you the efficiency.

Our software platform not only manages the entire fleet of robots but also digitizes your intralogistics operations so that you can see even the minutest details.

To ensure mission-critical processes flow continuously, our platform will keep you up-to-date on the metrics that matter.

Notifies you about job takt times

Throughput, distance travelled and more

And the most important part of our proposition is our intralogistics experts and technician with a combined experience of more than 80 years in the field.

They are not a call away as they work with you and continuously monitor the system and Intralogistics landscape to make sure you always get the best from our platform



AiVision Robotics is a startup which is working to change the robotics industry. We are here to disrupt the whole industry by providing Robotics as a Service. Still today 90% of the manufacturing sector can not afford Intralogistics automation due to both technical and Capex it requires. AiVision Robotics is founded to remove both of these bottlenecks. Our robots are made from bottom up to work with humans and we take care of all the technical pain. Our sales model is Robotics as a Service so that we can finally help democratise efficiency through robotics.



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